Welcome to Supersonic

Founded in 1998, Societe Supersonic is the first one of its kind multi brand digital gadgets, home electronics, stationery and office furniture store in the Republic of Congo. The company offers a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home and gaming products along with kitchen supplies.

With over 7000 products across 85 brands and 6 stores across the 2 major cities of Congo (BZV and PNR ) Societe SuperSonic ensures the highest level of customer services and smooth shopping experiences for all of its customers.

Our Services

With a wide range of multi brand products across all our retail stores we even offer sales and after sales services that is unmatchable- you need not go anywhere else!


Our experienced engineers will examine, restore and repair your favourite electronics, no matter what the problem.


We offer around-the-clock services for all your devices and appliances with maintenance services and repairs, keeping your appliances as good as new.


We offer sales and after sales services to all our B2B customers, including product demos.


Our well trained and well experienced engineers also help install security systems. A seamless process that helps our customers make the most of their product as we ensure them their security is our top most priority as well.

At Supersonic customer service is our priority and we make sure you get the best!

Our Philosophy

With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, Societe Supersonic delivers superior service from end to end. Our tech savvy staff empower customers to make the best purchasing decisions by offering detailed product information, expert opinions, product tutorials and post buy service.

Keeping in line with our philosophy of always putting the customer first, we believe in providing all our customers (retail and e-retail) an enjoyable shopping experience.  

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